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Seven gets big games

Friday, 24 May 2013 6:50 AM

Seven gets big games

Football Federation Australia (FFA) has today announced that the Seven Network has acquired the broadcast rights to the Foxtel A-League All Stars v Manchester United and Melbourne Victory v Liverpool matches this July.

Both matches featuring the English Premier League clubs are sold out. The Foxtel A-League All Stars v Manchester United will be played at ANZ Stadium on Saturday 20 July (7.30pm kick off) and the Melbourne Victory v Liverpool will be played at the MCG on Wednesday 24 July (8pm kick off).

FFA CEO David Gallop said the broadcast agreement with Seven was another sign of football’s move into the mainstream.

“These are huge events on the sporting calendar and we’re delighted Seven will be our partner in bringing top-class football action to all Australians on free to air television,” said Gallop.

“Manchester United and Liverpool have millions of followers in Australia, but just as many fans will get behind the All Stars and Victory as they showcase the A-League on the world stage.”

Seven has welcomed the opportunity to add football to the network’s extensive sports coverage – with the company’s coverage of both games across its broadcast television platform and also live streaming online and across mobile devices.

Commenting, Tim Worner, the CEO of the Seven Network, said: “Manchester United and Liverpool are two of the biggest brands in world sport and we are really pleased to be delivering their matches live to Australians everywhere and on every device.

"These are going to be huge events. They sold out straight away and we expect a big audience to be engaged before, during and after the games.

“Big, live sport – now available across not just our broadcast television platform but online and other tablet apps as well - underpins a lot of Seven’s strategy and these games certainly fit that bill.

" And, on a personal note, I am very happy to be working with Dave Gallop whose work I have previously admired from too far away.”

Comments (26)
Agree with all the above why channel 7 .Should be SBS the dedicated football channel but again it is on free to air tv,hopefully seven treats the games with the respect the games deserve otherwise the FFA should. Never award them any games again ,we reserve judgement for now hopefully seven does not spoil it as I love the game but can't afford the expensive Pay TV of Foxtel.
Bernie  |  
16 Jul 2013 07:15 AM
What is everyone's problem, at least it's on free to air tv, rather than solely pay tv. Not everyone has pay-tv.... No matter what station it's on, it'll rate it's socks off.
David  |  
7 Jun 2013 07:54 PM
I too was just in shock when I found out 7 were awarded the rights for the foxtel all stars game??? Foxtel have taken our beloved game to a new level I don't care to see continual ad breaks in the game at critical times that the don't matter to ch 7 .... I just can't believe it ...
Troy White  |  
29 May 2013 09:01 PM
Did Channel 7 run this by Demetriou to see if it was ok for these games to be shown on the "home of "football""? Judging by the way they broadcast AFL, the fewer goals kicked in football will mean less advertisments between centre re-starts. How are they going to pay the bills?
sjlb  |  
27 May 2013 04:51 PM
CH 7, we have not forgotten the cruelty that you showed to all football fans when you took the TV rights on the old NSL. If CH 7 were fair dinkum about the A-League, then they would have outbid SBS for the TV rights this time around.Maybe its a good thing that they didnt. I call on all Australians to boycott CH 7
Steve  |  
26 May 2013 08:19 PM
NO time for 7 after what they did. Can't beleive 10 keps supporting petrol head sport as a way of reaching a younger demographic- soccer is the way to go on 10 but not 7.
Robbo  |  
26 May 2013 08:48 AM
Dear Mr Gallop, if you live in Sydney you may not have a clue what it's like to have had Ch7 belittle the round ball game down here in Melbourne. These are one off money events for Ch7 with no interest in promoting the game ahead of there first and only love, AFL. Take the money but be in doubt about the underlying 'hate' they have for our game.
Stevo  |  
26 May 2013 05:17 AM
In all honesty I don't have that much interest in these "friendlies" as they are really an outlet for these huge EPL clubs to sell their "brand". It's also great for the Eurosnobs who usually show very little interest in football here in Australia to get out and watch what they sneeringly call "good football" as opposed to the A-League which they consider beneath them. But,the idea that these games have gone to Chanel 7 is beyond my understanding. I only hope that FFA are going to bet a very large bucket load of money for them. Most media in Australia has so far only tipped bucket loads of excrement on Football and their are few signs that this will change any time soon. It doesn't matter if these games have great ratings because this will be passed off as being just the novelty value. I predict that during the lead up and during the telecasts themselves a huge amount of emphasis will be placed on the number of people wearing MU and LFC colours. All the talk about tradition will be slanted towards the foreign clubs. Why, because in the AFL/NRL biased media, every opportunity has to be taken to create the idea that football here doesn't really have a following. No matter how well the A-League is doing as far as most commercial media (and the ABC ) are concerned its still just a bunch of wogs at those games, not "real Aussies". In case any of you haven't noticed there have already been small mumbles about "The future of Sokkah" if Australia doesn't make the WC. Once again these snipes are about suggesting that Football is only "popular" every four years then it fades away into the background way behind the other codes, cricket and tennis.
Charles Zerafa  |  
25 May 2013 07:40 PM
This is just another way the AFL and C7 will promote AFL and rubbish football in this country. The promotion of the telecast games will be non existent. This means the viewing audience will be small and then they will use this data to say there is little support for soccer in Australia even when MUFC and LFC visit. This network and its executives cannot be trusted as they are only interested in AFL . They now see football as a major threat to Aussie rules and will try to discredit it as best they can. This is a poor commercial decision by the FFA and they will rue this signing. Sandy Robets continues to mock the game whenever he has a chance, this is the culture of C7.
Alan  |  
25 May 2013 09:27 AM
Well, well, well... FFA has done it again. I understand why they have gone to free to air TV for the gam e to get the most coverage, but it should also have gone to Fox sports for it's loyalty. I still want to know who is officiating the game? Hopefully they have brought their own official, because our would kill the game. I will not be watching the game on 7 as I do not watch free to air TV as it is ----! I will watch a replay on fox if they get it or not at all. It will be a walk over anyway unless the A-League team is allowed to kill the players from Merry Old England and that will happen if an A-League referee gets the game...
Mr David J Hourigan  |  
25 May 2013 07:54 AM
Dear Channel 7, We haven't forgotten. Sincerely, Football fans from around Australia
Paul  |  
25 May 2013 12:45 AM
John  |  
24 May 2013 07:39 PM
This is a disgrace. Channel 7 have always done their best to discredit football. FFA you have betrayed football fans and the tv networks that supported the game. You will not get that sort of loyalty from CH7 . They will subtly belittle the game by providing jibbering commentators who know little nothing about football and smother the space with AFL adds. SHAME FFA.
Phil  |  
24 May 2013 04:03 PM
Scanning the blogs this arvo there is a huge amount of resentment against C7. Many saying they will watch the live online streaming rather than C7. And I'm guessing this will be the only live coverage. Which I agree with but it would be a shame as the ratings would be great for Football, especially if it sets some sort of record. I wonder if anyone from "football" talked to Gallop about this, or was it just the bean-counters as usual. I just hope Football gets more out of this than the AFL!
Ben of BNE  |  
24 May 2013 03:47 PM
I have boycotted 7 for years nothing will change still refuse to watch both games, what the hell is FFA thinking!
Alan  |  
24 May 2013 03:28 PM
I don't know how Channel 7 are going to work their required Advert quota into a football match without ruining the game completely... Their ads after every goal in the AFL is enough to drive you round the twist. Basically football and commercial television in Australia do not mix... This has all the makings of a disaster... unless Channel 7 statet thta there will be no advert breaks during the game...
Col Barber  |  
24 May 2013 01:31 PM
will it be on Foxtel??
Jake  |  
24 May 2013 12:48 PM
During the court case it was revealed the executive in charge of C7, Steven Wise, lamented in one email that the AFL was not giving Seven credit that "we have secured the soccer rights and suffocated the sport, much to the chagrin of its supporters (by giving AFL games preference)". 'Nuf said
Ryan  |  
24 May 2013 11:55 AM
FFA marketing and its leadership have taken a bold decision to award Channel 7 with the FTA 'live' screening of both matches which should out-rate all other sporting events this year. Channel 7 have treated football (soccer) with contempt and disrespect having its stated prime allegiance to AFL. The contract 'fine print' and the conditions should be published well in advance so that the viewing audience knows what to expect. There needs to be 'no commercial breaks' during either of the match halves so that the viewers get full value. Channel 7's reputation in football is on the line and so are the FFA decision makers.
JOHN  |  
24 May 2013 11:15 AM
Bloody hell. Can this be a joke? Like those below I only too well remember the damage 7 deliberately caused Football in this country. Very odd that the "foxtel" branded game will appear on 7. I notice it doesn't say when they will be telecast. And the words "live" and "television" don't appear together. Will it be an hour's delay, or perhaps the next day or week. Great to see Football on commercial FTA but very sceptical about this.
Ben of BNE  |  
24 May 2013 11:12 AM
"Nobody screws soccer like seven". There is alot of pressure on channel seven to treat these games with respect. No ads during build up play, and no hiding them at 1am. You may have been able to get away with it 15 years ago when the sport was a rabble but you won't now.
Adam  |  
24 May 2013 10:42 AM
What a joke! It should be SBS or Foxtel who gets the rights! Ch.7 have done practically nothing for soccer/football in Australia.
Phillip  |  
24 May 2013 10:38 AM
This is an awful decision. Seven hate football, why are we rewarding them? They even admitted to bury ing the NSL just for the AFL to like them.
Chris  |  
24 May 2013 10:32 AM
Why do I have a sinking feeling in my gut. Seven will add AFL promotion all over this telecast with no mention of HAL or Socceroos or any other thing related to the promotion of the game in Australia. I hope Lowy and Gallop know what they are doing this time.
Stevo  |  
24 May 2013 09:56 AM
I remember when the NSL was on channel 7 at 12.30am on a Wednesday...As a long suffering fan of football in Australia this is a betrayl. Foxsports and SBS have stood by the game in this country and channel 7 gets the game.
Justin  |  
24 May 2013 09:37 AM
The Foxtel A-League All Stars v Manchester United is unquestionably the greatest Football match to be played in Australia this year other than the Hyundai A-League grand final. The event unquestionably dwarfs anything else, in any code - in any other sport, and will predictably stop all of Australia in its tracks when the match kicks off. Just seeing Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney will be worth the price of admission to the game. I'm just hoping Chanel 7 as broadcaster does this nation-stopping event justice in the presentation of this unique football match.
Justin Flyte  |  
24 May 2013 08:31 AM