FFA to cast FIFA Presidential vote in favour of Prince Ali

Prince Ali bin Al Hussein addresses the UEFA XI Extraordinary Congress on Thursday.
The Board of Football Federation Australia (FFA) has today announced that it will cast its vote in the FIFA Presidential election on 26 February in favour of Prince Ali bin Al Hussein.

Chairman of FFA, Mr Steven Lowy AM, said Australia voted in favour of Prince Ali at last year’s election when he stood against incumbent President Sepp Blatter.

“The Board of FFA has considered the credentials and manifestos of each candidate and has met again by teleconference to reach a final decision,” he said.

“Under all the circumstances FFA believes there is merit in continuing to support Prince Ali on this occasion.

“Prince Ali is a long-standing and consistent advocate for reform at FIFA and his manifesto spells out a clear vision of the way forward.”

Mr Lowy said that Prince Ali’s reform credentials were a significant factor in FFA’s decision.

“Australia strongly supports the reform package and will vote in favour of each proposal,” he said.

“In addition to reforms on term limits and better governance, we are especially proud to support the reforms on gender equality.

“FFA Board member Moya Dodd has been a leading advocate for gender equality and she has played a pivotal role in getting this issue on the FIFA agenda.

“It is critical that the reforms are implemented with conviction and that they signal a new beginning for FIFA.”