On 4 April – just 83 days ago we set out on adventure to build a new football club from scratch.

This once in a lifetime opportunity to leave our mark on Australian football and western Sydney society was both a privilege and an enormous responsibility.

The arrival of the Western Sydney Wanderers FC is truly monumental. Finally football’s heartland has its own team in the national competition for the sons and daughters of western Sydney’s rich football heritage.

Importantly one of the key drivers since the beginning of the Wanderers FC is that it will be powered by the proud people of the west.

On that momentous day in April when the establishment of the new club was announced, it came with a pledge – that this club would have community engagement at its very core.

We have worked tirelessly to keep the pledge at fan forums across western Sydney, via online and public surveys that included 15,000 fans and with an on-going conversation on social media

Our job was to listen and learn what the people wanted from a new club.

Personally, and for all the dedicated people working on the establishment of Western Sydney Wanderers FC, Monday's unveiling of our name, club badge and exciting red and black hooped shirt design by inaugural apparel sponsor Nike was a tremendously exciting moment.

Reaction has been overwhelmingly positive for all the elements of the launch and we can’t wait to continue on the progress we have made.

It must be said that fans played a significant role in the decisions we made and this will continue to flow through the culture and values of the club going forward.

This will truly be a club for the people and I feel the club’s badge reflects all these elements beautifully.

We will continue to listen - the community’s voice in this club will be expressed in several ways.

On Monday we embraced a full room of people at Parramatta Stadium’s Cumberland Room, including representatives of our state governing body Football NSW and the western Sydney football associations who represent 120,000 grassroots players in the region, leaders of the NSW Premier League clubs who play in western Sydney and abroad and diverse range of media from across the Sydney region.

Football NSW, the associations and the Premier League clubs were the first groups who were consulted in building this club, we thank them for their advice, insights and on-going partnerships.

The list of contributors is long, too long to mention all by name, but special mention must go to the many business and community leaders, people from the clubs industry and the education sector as well as both federal, state and local government.

You can tell already there’s a groundswell of support and interest for Western Sydney Wanderers FC.

I can tell you that at every fan forum we conducted a straw poll – those who attended will tell you that there was overwhelming support for the name and colours

In our online survey, the name Western Sydney Wanderers FC was clearly the most popular choice with the colours fully endorsed as being representative of the associations and clubs in the region.

Monday will be remembered as the day that the Western Sydney Wanderers FC officially came to life, but in reality there’s a long heritage behind this club.

You may know that in 1880, not far from here, the first game of football was played in New South Wales.

The King’s School played a team known as the Wanderers. That was 132 years ago, but there’s been a constant presence ever since – football has been a part of the fabric of western Sydney

We feel a huge responsibility with the new club to honour the history and build on the legacy

That’s why we will we call the Western Sydney Wanderers FC the “NEWEST, OLDEST CLUB IN AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL”

It will be driven by “PASSION TO THE POWER OF WEST” – our way of saying to the football community in western Sydney that this club will be yours.

We will show respect for those who have been the pioneers of football in western Sydney.

From the Wanderers of 1880 through the migration boom of the 1950s that gave football its passion and pedigree, the heady days of the National Soccer League and of course the modern era of phenomenal grassroots growth among boys and girls

The region has more than two million people across a huge expanse of the Cumberland Plains and the fabric is truly multicultural.

It’s football heartland and now it has its own club – Western Sydney Wanderers FC.

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SBS TWG Website poll is now approaching 4000 votes with 85% in favour of Michael Ballack over Shinji Ono. Are you still listening to the fans Lyle, or have you changed that policy now?
John Macdonald  |  
26 Sep 2012 11:22 AM
will the wonderers be promoting a free junior membership as to compete with the one available from sydney fc.We have used this for the last few seasons and have found it a great promotion to keep the kids involved
David McCurtayne  |  
28 Jul 2012 08:52 AM
Hi Lyall, The halfway mark to the Club's 1st A-League game has now past and the potential members and supporters are still to be advised on the Clubs management and business structure. You advised the football forum meetings that this was being finalised over 2 months ago but there has been no communication to the registered supporters, the media and the public. What is the delay and why? Has the commitment to ;vounteers for the Western Sydney Wanderers FC club been scrapped? We're waiting!
John  |  
24 Jul 2012 02:40 PM
Hi Lyall, How does an average teenager from the west whos been playing football since 4 years old, get a chance to trial for your Youth squad. I like a lot of others am just an ordinary father who wants to do all he can to give his son a chance, obviously its upto the lad himself, but all i need to know as i cant get any answers no matter where i go. Who do i call, or where do i look up trial information, or does he need a manager to make this happen, all i really need is an answer or someone to point him in the right direction. He dreams playing for WSW, and has already lined up and awaiting membership news. Can a kid just rock up for a trial or is he to be invited only. fraustrated1 needs advice Regards
frustrated1  |  
24 Jul 2012 12:15 PM
Lyall , the beginning of a new chapter for Football , I hope that through the relationship with FNSW a willingness to engage with new ideas occurs with the development of the Wanderers brand . Time will tell , but we cant afford to let many more opportunities be missed in the Australian community.
Tony Thorpe  |  
18 Jul 2012 01:47 PM
Dear Lyall,I would like to say that this club has been brewing for something like 50 yrs in Australia as the area in which the Wanderers club encases is a very rich and vibrant football area.I am certain that your team will be a success no matter how little or big of a effect you make in the way of winning games,because in the western district in which you will play in, there is sure to be a full house at every game.
Sasho Temelkovski  |  
17 Jul 2012 07:55 PM
I started playing football in the first womens' competition in Sydney with Guildford Wanderers Soccer club way back in the early 70s. I am so excited for this club and I promise that dad and I will be avid fans!!! I live in Ulladulla so I won't be able to come up to many games but I am going to start knitting the scarves. I would love it if you would think about sending young development officers to schools down our way(as do NRL and AFL) Good luck Lyall, I know you will do a great job.
Michelle  |  
11 Jul 2012 11:51 AM
The FFA is not in the buisness of owning clubs.That is not what they are supposed to do. The FFA is not a bank.
chris  |  
8 Jul 2012 12:55 PM
I wish you luck in this emdeavour to build a new club in such a short time. What sparked me was the story of 93 days till the first game and still short of players. Has anyone gone and had a look at the AWFA on the NSW/VIC border? There is some potential talent down there but due to their location neither Sydney or Melbourne or state rep teams give them a look in. Just a thought, hope you do well in your first seaon I will be watching from Darwin.
Grant Sewell  |  
3 Jul 2012 09:43 AM
Hi ,all good luck ,first,i am a football fan,fanatic ,yes Fanatic...,great jersey, i live outside of australia right now,i was living at the area, and very happy WE HAVE A TEAM ... to follow. I am with you , from here ( argentina) . the best to the season ; and go for the top ,my half heart with WSW .FC ...My other half Boca Juniors of course,I try go with couple players friend ,from this club to watch guys CHEERSSS... ALL THE BEST ......
hugo ramirez  |  
1 Jul 2012 10:15 AM
i am an online fan of yous from the states and dont have the connection that western sydney fans have to the regions rich football history. however from the outside(way outside) looking in,great job with kit,logo and colors.amazing, any chance you can look at richard garcia,garc gives 100% and plays with tremendous heart. i am hull city fan also and they should not have let him go.just a suggestion,good luck,very impressive start,cant wait for start of season and online store to open,
kevin winters  |  
28 Jun 2012 03:57 AM
Can the Wanderers capture the imagination of multicultural Western Sydney...I hope so !
Steve  |  
27 Jun 2012 10:33 PM
More than anything, you guys need to give a huge, HUGE amount of credit and thanks to the amazing work that BMF have done with your logo. Staunch supporters of other clubs around Australia were in awe of how utterly timeless the design was. We don't know the team or the style of play, but from that logo we all get a feeling of what WSWFC is all about. Bravo BMF on your superb work, and bravo FFA for going with a great agency to bring your brand alive, lets hope many others follow in your steps.
michael  |  
26 Jun 2012 07:59 PM
How far will Western Sydney go in the AFC Champions League?