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I want to do a coaching course

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Advanced Coaching Courses

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Minimum coaching requirements

FFA has set minimum standards for coaches at national level and for national competitions and tournaments. Review the Minimum Coaching Requirements.To find out more about what accreditation level you need, to coach in your State Competitions, contact your State Football Federation.

Are there Exemptions?

Exemptions are not given for either Community or Advanced Coaching courses. Coaches must attend each course in its entirety to gain accreditation

Enrol for a Coaching Course

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Community Coaching Courses
Advanced Coaching Courses

I'm an Accredited FFA Coach. How do I renew my accreditation?

Information on Advanced reaccreditation is provided in the Resources section of this website.

Finding a Coaching Job

Please do not contact FFA for coaching opportunities. We recommend that you send your Coaching CV to your State Football Federation. Most State Federation websites have sections for clubs to advertise 'coaches wanted'. You may also wish to contact the State Associations directly and express interest.


Once you register as a coach with a Club or Association, you will be covered by that organisations' Insurance Policy. You will need to confirm the extent of the insurance coverage and exactly what benefits flow from the policy.

Check your Coaching Level & Update Personal Details 

You will need to visit the MyFootballClub website to view your current accreditation status and all personal information. Please make sure all personal information is up to date once you log in.

Community Coaches

Coaches who attend and pass a course will receive a Certificate and ID card. Certificates are issued by the organisation conducting the course. ID cards are issued by FFA approximately every three months.

Advanced Coaches

Coaches who attend and pass a course will receive a Certificate. Certificates are issued by the organisation conducting the course, or they will indicate that you will have access to printing them from your personal My Football Club profile.

I haven’t received my Certificate?

Coaches who were converted to an Advanced Licence from the old Senior, State or National Licence will not receive a Certificate. If you're waiting on results or a certificate from an Advanced Coaching Course, contact your local State Member Federation for the status.

S2S - Your Online Coaching Tool

S2S (Secrets to Sports) - Your Online Coaching Tool was launched by FFA Coach Education in 2010.

Coaches who have completed a the Junior Football Licence, Youth Football Certificate I, or Senior Football Certifcate I course after 1 January 2010, will receive a free 12-month S2S Team Licence.

Visit to explore the site.

If you have not been provided by the appropriate campaign code (required to register for free) contact your State Football Federation.


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