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I want to become a Referee

First you need to complete the online Laws of the Game education module and pass a 40-question multiple choice test.  You then need to register to undertake the Level 4 Referee training program usually conducted in your local area.  To locate an upcoming course click on the following link:

Find a Referee Course

Once you complete your Level 4 Referee training program you can then register for a Level 3 Referee course providing you are 16 years of age.  Further training and education is provided as part of the Level 2 Referee and then Level 1 Referee training programs.

I’m a qualified FFA Referee.  How do I revalidate my qualification?

Referee qualifications need to be revalidated every four years.  Depending on the level of your qualification this will include a combination of Laws of the Game examinations (multiple choice questions and video incidents), practical assessments on one or more match as well as being an active referee during at least two of those four years.

Check with your Member Federation referee staff for more details as well as schedules for those examinations.

I’m a qualified referee from overseas.  How do I get involved as a referee in Australia?

Your first point of contact should be the Member Federation that manages football where you will be living.  For example if you will be moving to Brisbane you should contact Football Queensland.

To register as a referee locally you will need to supply a letter of introduction from your current (or most recent) referee organisation – preferably the national association.  This letter needs to include the following information:

  • Your classification or qualification as a referee;
  • Level of competition you have most recently officiated in;
  • Confirmation that you are not currently suspended.

When you arrive you will be asked to undertake Laws of the Game examinations and may be required to officiate in a match locally.  This is done to ascertain what level of local competition you are most suited for.

Check your qualification level

To check your qualifications through the MyFootballClub click here

If you have any questions regarding your qualifications please contact your Member Federation referee staff.

Printing your certificate

To print your certificate through the MyFootballClub website click here

If you have any questions regarding your qualifications please contact your Member Federation referee staff.