Have Your Say - forums this week

Monday, 18 February 2013 10:00 AM

Have Your Say - forums this week

Football Federation Australia (FFA) have added two more dates to the Australian Football Fan Forums in Melbourne on 19 February and Western Sydney on 20 February.

FFA CEO David Gallop and Head of Hyundai A-League Damien de Bohun will be joined by special guests to discuss a range of topics including the A-League All Stars, FFA Cup, grassroots football and the Hyundai A-League, Westfield W-League and National Youth League competitions.

Australian Football Fan Forums will give all fans of the game a chance to have their opinions heard and questions answered.

For fans unable to attend you can join the conversation on Twitter and ask your questions via #FootballForum – with questions taken from Twitter throughout each forum.

Inner Sydney
Tuesday 12 February, 2013
24/7 Sports Bar, The Star

Inner Sydney Fan Forum Panel
FFA CEO David Gallop
Head of Hyundai A-League Damien de Bohun
FOX SPORTS pundit and Former Socceroo Mark Bosnich


Tuesday 19 February, 2013
Olympic Room, AAMI Park

Melbourne Fan Forum Panel
FFA CEO David Gallop
Head of Hyundai A-League Damien de Bohun
Former Socceroo Steve Horvat


Western Sydney
Wednesday 20 February, 2013
University of Western Sydney, Parramatta
Building EA, room G.18

Western Sydney Fan Forum Panel
FFA CEO David Gallop
Head of Hyundai A-League Damien de Bohun
Former Socceroo and SBS pundit Craig Foster

How far will Western Sydney go in the AFC Champions League?

Comments (41)
At the Fans Forum in Perth the question was asked about how referees were picked for what games. Unfotunately this question which was the 2nd part of a question was not answered. Therefore, can the FFA explain to me how referees are picked for a particular game. Are their names put in one hat and games in another and they are drawn accordingly or is it down on the merit of the match?
Colin Sharland  |  
1 Jun 2013 05:38 PM
WITHOUT PREJUDICE For the sake of the game – At least make it appear fair. Much has been said about the improvement of the Hyundai A-League over the last 3 years, so much so that we are now attracting marquee players, the calibre of Heskey and Del Piero. What a shame then that instead of improving each season the refereeing has stayed insipid and bordering on incompetence at times. I’ve often thought what is the definition of a bad decision? As it turns out a bad decision is one in which you override your senses and choose an option that at some level you know you should not. Surely then some of the decisions this season fall into this category. Take what many would call a blatant handball in front of goal with a player having his back to goal in full view of the referee. What about a player tripping over his own feet in the box and given a penalty. And, what about a ball clearly over the line so much so that even the TV commentators said it should have been pulled up but was allowed to stay in play which led to a cross that led to a goal. There was no way to prove 100% in any off these examples that a foul had been committed as the referee may have had an obstructed view, be in the wrong position or simply had turned away at the wrong moment. Had camera technology been available these mistakes and many others would have been cleared up in a matter of seconds with no perceived pre judgement that may or may not have changed the outcome of the game. These have not been the only controversies of late; many more decisions have had the fans and media alike scratching their heads trying to understand the reasoning for them. In the case of balls over the side lines if a linesman has his view obscured by a player why not use a LED light along the length of the pitch which would then signal to him when the ball has crossed the line. Surely the time has come for the FFA to consider sending our referees’ overseas to the MLS during our off season so that they can continue their training. This would naturally mean that they would have to become full time. What is to stop a sponsor like Citizen or Tag coming onboard? What an advertisement for the game that would be. At the very least the refs should be made to watch random games in the off season, stop them at contentious decisions and let them make the call giving reasons behind why they have done so. Certainly something has to be done because at the moment this is the major drawback of the league. For reasons known only to them the FFA has continually denied the introduction of camera technology to adjudicate on these sorts of controversial decisions where it affects the outcome of a game. Some say it will slow the game down and it would if every decision went to camera. That is not what the fans are suggesting. What we want is camera technology used in goal mouth incidences that aren’t 100% clear and deliberate handballs in the forward area that could lead to a goal. Limit it to 3 appeals a game. In the best interest of fair play it is the minimum we expect. What is the FFA trying to hide or cover up? I for one would like to know why Manchester United, Arsenal and the like have never launched a legal challenge over the use of camera replays for clear errors by their referees. Have they been threatened with sanction by the English FA? The following is an extract of an article written by Alex Greene: One of the most talked about aspects after the 2010 World Cup revolved around camera technology and its possible uses in the game of football. This of course came from the unrewarded goal for England against Germany and the offside goal Argentina were given against Mexico in the same day, in addition to numerous ‘tackles’ that resulted in players being unjustly sent off’ So should camera technology be used in football games? Could it guarantee fairness and eliminate errors made by the referee and linesmen? Despite the array of wrong decisions FIFA have always stated that the use of camera technology is not to be used in football games, and FIFA ‘does not comment on refereeing decisions’ after a match has been played. It is time for FIFA to change its stance on the use of camera technology as has been done in other sports. Sounds very familiar doesn’t it. FIFA can do as it wishes as it has limited reach in this part of the world. That doesn’t mean that our FA has to go down the same path after all they don’t follow the principal that whoever tops the league at the end of the Home and Away fixtures are the champions. They have to go through a money making exercise known as the finals till a winner is secured at the Grand Final. When we all know a knock out League Cup would make much more interesting viewing after the regular season. Surely if the game is to get truly professional in this country it has to be seen to be fair in regards to ‘dodgy’ decisions by the referees’. Therefore, surely it is time to make our Referees full time and why not be different, what is stopping our FA from leading by example and introduce the use of modern camera technology. If they did it would be a major step forward for football and once and forever end the doubt of whether the game is played in the true spirit. WITHOUT PREJUDICE
Fatboy  |  
14 Apr 2013 05:03 PM
ditto on the rego fees - I remember when $180 was considered expensive.. this year its $325 - not including the $150 or so I'll shell out for boots, shorts socks etc... Was very close to not playing at all this year, simply from an affordability standpoint. Is there anyway to factor in washed out rounds too? Last few seasons we've missed anywhere between 3-6 rounds due to rain.
Marty  |  
20 Feb 2013 10:43 AM
Ben You have stollen my thunder ,mate.and I guess we both know,it's a no brainer.i would hasten to go further on that and hold the event in Sydney,directly up against the a f l circus in melbourne.our major advantage over these Mickey Mouse codes is that we are truly international what better way to flaunt this,than to hold the Anzac Day centenary match against turkey,and also somehow involving our kiwi cousins ,.as I say hold the event in Sydney up against the a f l circus with all their hype and crocodile will give me plenty of time to organise air fares and accommodation etc
Paul gearing  |  
19 Feb 2013 12:14 PM
I'm not happy with the salary cap the way it is. It works fine with Aussie Rules. Because if someone wants to play professional Aussie Rules there is only one competition in the world to play in. But it doesn't work with football where nearly the entire world has no salary cap. As Australia is one of the top ranked nations in Asia, our clubs should also have the chance to become some of the best and biggest clubs in Asia. The current salary cap kills this off. If we must have some sort of salary cap then I would like to see each club be permitted to employ 3 players outside the salary cap for the 2013-2014 season from anywhere (no need to call them marquees.) For the 2014-2015 season this is increased to 4 players outside the salary cap from anywhere. For the 2015-2016 season this is increased to 5 players outside the salary cap from anywhere and for the 2016-2017 season this is increased to 6 players outside the salary cap from anywhere. With our current small squad sizes we also need to provide additional assistance to teams qualified for the Asian Champions League. What's wrong allowing the club that represents us to sign additional players in the January transfer period so their overall squad is bigger than the A League teams which don't have Asian Champions League commitments? There should be no salary cap handicaps here as our representative is competing against teams that have no salary caps. As it is importsnat for the A League that our teams succeed in Asia, how about FFA subsidising the recruitment of these extra players? Finally, I'm not happy with the current finals set up. It's just a Cup knockout lottery with no guarantee that even just one of the two teams that finished first or second after 27 games will even play in the Grand Final. My suggestion. Week One: Game 1: 1 v 2 Game 2: 3 v 6 kncokout Game 3: 4 v 5 knockout Week Two: Game 4: 2 v 1 (Away goals are not worth more. If goals scored in these 2 games are level, then extra time. Then penalties if needed. The winner of this match is in the Grand Final.) Game 5: Winners of the 2 knockouts play. Week Three: Game 6: Loser of 1 v 2 plays the winner of Game 5. Week Four: Grand Final - winner of the match between 1 v 2 against the winner of Game 6.
Neil  |  
19 Feb 2013 08:47 AM
Something needs to be done about the grounds the A league play on, the surface on most of them are like a 4wd course.
Craig  |  
19 Feb 2013 08:14 AM
Regretably, I cannot make the Fan Forum at UWS Parramatta on Wednesday night due to family commitments. Please refer to my comments of 5 February 2013. My days in Club administration are behind me but I'm aghast at the cost parents are paying for their children to play junior football nowadays. Fees at my local football club are $330 plus own shorts, soxes, boots & shin pads being 45% higher than the next football code and 65% higher than AFL. I am told that Association costs have risen for match referees & assistants, ground facilities, lighting for training, player insurance & general admin charges but wouldn't this be similar at the other codes. Do the State Administrations not care about the cost to play football and is no one watching the expenditure ledger at Clubs anymore? This is a primary grievance from parents who are looking at cheaper sporting options than football. Come FFA, take a long hard investigation at the player cost at junior levels.
JOHN  |  
18 Feb 2013 08:31 PM
Please look into full-time refs and maybe even import refs from overseas to increase numbers. It is only fair on the current refs too. These guys have day jobs during the week and deserve to paid more than the relative pittance that they are currently paid.
Fletch  |  
18 Feb 2013 07:57 PM
My biggest concern is the hooligans that pretend to be football lovers, but they take flares and start trouble. I tend to think that these idiots that go to games and light flares and start trouble are not football followers at all, any one can buy a say Victory top and buy flares. Them people could be followers of other codes and they pretend that they follow an A-League team and go to games to cause trouble to make the game look bad.
Charlie  |  
18 Feb 2013 12:24 PM
im more concerned about the pathetic divers in the game and the ffa not doing fk all about it
rjh  |  
18 Feb 2013 11:03 AM
I concerned about the rising club fee's at grassroot level. I have two children that play under8's & under 12's i have a total fee of $1500. I looked around most clubs in the area a basically the same what a joke. AFL football clubs is half what I'm paying its a joke . How can parents afford to pay. This is killing our game at the most critical level.
Tony  |  
17 Feb 2013 10:49 PM
Why is it that all imported players keep diving and receiving free kicks for this effort. Are they taught to dive during training. Our Aussie trained players are missing out by not diving. I personnally am tired of watching players like del Pierro and Fabio continually going down and being rewarded for it. Come on referees, take a good look at what happens and give our homegrown players their due.
Leni  |  
16 Feb 2013 07:44 PM
Why is it that the Fans Forum meetings are on the east coast. Why can't we have a fan forum in Perth? Also can the FFA guarantee that Perth Glory will not get an Australia Day fixture next season due to dismal attendance this season.
Colin Sharland  |  
14 Feb 2013 07:17 PM
I watched the Sydney FC v Brisbane Roar game last weekend. I feel the need to comment on the tirade of abuse spoken by Ali Abbas toward a match official. Where is the game heading when a player can talk to an assistant referee using such foul language, without sanction - and on live television. In a show of sympathetic tolerance, the incident was glossed over jokingly by the accommodating commentary team. Why wasn't this player red-carded? I am a Sydney FC supporter, but won't condone any action that brings the game into disrepute. What is FFAs position on this issue? Or is the game going to be allowed to continue to slide towards the gutter.
Peter Simpson  |  
14 Feb 2013 08:36 AM
Many State league clubs have strong ethnic affiliations, what is the FFA's view on this?
Chris w  |  
13 Feb 2013 05:18 PM
Raise the foreign quota for each squad by 1 or 2 spots. Look at Western Sydney while our Australian players (Topor-Stanley, Beauchamp, Covic, Mooy, Bridge) have been major factors towards the success of the team so far, the foreign players quality shines through every week and are consistent performers (Hersi, Ono, Polenz, Poljak). Raising the foreign spots to 6 or 7 for each team will increase the quality of the league as a whole and enable the possibility of a credible relegation tier from the A-League with better quality of players.
Patrick Forsyth  |  
12 Feb 2013 04:00 PM
Hi there..having been a professional player back in the day when it was called soccer and wog ball I wonder when we have come so far that some 35 years later we finally recognise our sport as Football, so many in the media still refer to the game as soccer..even on fox sports occasionally and the a current administrator,referee,and massive life long fan...I am amazed that we still refer to our National team as the "socceroos" I get it is branding..but all many corporations rebrand to move with the the light of these comments when will we truly identify our game as Football and change our National Teams description to something more in line with the platform we are working so hard to does seem strangely contradictory...and out of step..cheers...
Mike Parsons  |  
11 Feb 2013 11:35 PM
Ive been over here just over a year and really missing football on the tv, I have a t box which gets random Champions league games till the final, but NO A league, I cant believe that a game that is trying to grow isnt on terestial tv. I can get (which im not the least bit interested in) constant NRL and AFL repeats on their own dedicated tv chanels, this seems to me to be crazy, come on lets have a dedicated football chanel too. Yes its a great idea to have a FFA Cup and also crown the team that finishes top of a gruelling season Champions. Also the league definately needs to expand, but gradually so as not to affect the quality as there just arent enough players coming through at present, you really need some kind of sronger second teir, similar to FAs Conference league
Keith Print  |  
11 Feb 2013 08:56 PM
My Ideas: -Make finals series 10 teams, Top 5 make finals. -Bring in an FFA cup ,. Like an English FA cup style comp. So teams will have chance to complete a treble. AFC cup, A-league title, and a FFA cup. Be good for state league teams to, for exposure of younger talented players more opportunities. -Keep foreign imports to 5 per team, but allow 2 foreign marquees per team not just 1. -Allow 5 imports but keep ban on imports on goalkeepers. Only local goal keepers allowed, have to develop more Australian goalkeepers, being given opportunities. -All other spots, allowed as many foreign imports, 5 per A-league team. -Expansion teams. Canberra, Auckland City, Woollongong, look at Gold Coast and Townsville again. -Look at maybe bringing back South Melbourne FC. They have modernised now, and would offer far more to A-league than the Melbourne Heart, who lack history, identity, and don't really have a core supporter base, or ability to attract enough new fans to be financially viable.
Johnno  |  
11 Feb 2013 05:51 PM
Is there a way that player registrations can be made cheaper. most other sports are a lot cheaper to participate in.
steven d  |  
11 Feb 2013 03:36 PM
Having 6 out of 10 teams in a knockout finals series is ridiculous. Any true football follower knows the premiership is what counts. Having the ACL matches impact on some teams at the end of the season and during the finals series makes this worse. Extend the home and away series to have 4 matches between any 2 teams
Steve Bright  |  
11 Feb 2013 06:53 AM
I am not entirely sure what Central Coast Mariners do to play the way they do, but they defy belief. I am a Newcastle Jets supporter and I have to say that Central Coast deserve to win the competition. The way Mark Arnold prepares his guys, and the way they all perform match after match is amazing. The recent comments he made criticising the structure of the competition are in my opinion well justified. It is grossly unfair to have a six team competition play off when the teams in 5th and 6th and maybe even 4th are there through luck. The top three deserve to be there. It should be 1st gets the trophy and second and third playoff for second place trophy. That's it. I mean really, it is a 10 team competition to start with so top six is not in any way appropriate when there are teams that are consistently better week after week, and then at the back end of the season a couple of teams may have bad luck and the lower lesser successful teams are lucky and win a few matches and they get through. Never fair!!
David Edge  |  
10 Feb 2013 09:21 AM
I think that once the FFA get the Australian Premier League running in all states and territories i think that as this develops, maybe 5-10 years the A-league could be strong enough to produce more teams through the ABL to make a tier competition eg. A-League First Division, Second Division, Thrid Division but first the FFA and the A-League need to make the teams stronger and the fans need to stand behind there teams to get the crowd up. I personally think by 2025 Australian football will able to produce at least 50 strong teams from all aroung Australia to start a tier competition. I'm only 14 but i would think that the next A-League franchises will be Canberra, Wollongong, Geelong, Tasmania and Auckland but that would be just the start if football can grow we can get strong teams by having a strong football community for example West Sydney. I live in Perth and i live in the region of City of Cockburn and we have 110,000 people but football is played strongly and this is where we should be looking for potential teams not in major city but in the region of the major cities where the community is big i hope football becomes as big as the AFL and i think it can if we look at our communities, where we grew up.
Andro  |  
9 Feb 2013 10:02 PM
I like the idea of an FFA cup. The current system is wrong in that it fails to recognise the League Leaders as champions. Knockout cup football is a different game to league football. Why decide the winner of a league competition by making the top six play a cup competition at the end?
Jim Harber  |  
9 Feb 2013 03:19 PM
Can the FFA explain what is the right process for a young kid to develop and follow his dreams in becoming a professional soccer player. It seems to us (as parents) that even though we are paying huge amounts of money for our kid to train in association and state league clubs there is no clear pathway for them to move forward either in the A League or an overseas club. I understand the obstacles of creating a second tier competition or a nation wide cup competition with teams from all levels of football in the country, but maybe if FFA provides accreditation to some lower division clubs or associations and justify the links to A League clubs and the process of moving up and the opportunities to achieve their goals it would be appreciated. At this point of time, associations dont provide the level of competition needed for younger players, A League clubs dont even have youth teams (aged under 16) and the state league clubs have issues as they feel they dont get compensated fairly for the players they develop, from the A league clubs and they are reluctant to assist us with promoting our kid to play the highest level of football available in the country. At the end of the day we as parents and the players are left in the middle of a situation that is costing us money but does not get us anywhere. It would be interesting to listen to an opinion of an Official from FFA to give us an explanation. Thanks
Paul  |  
9 Feb 2013 02:51 PM
Does the FFA plan to create a scouting system that will assist in bringing overseas aussies in the wilderness back to A-league, quality undiscovered talents like Berisha, Fred, Hernandez etc to Australia and quality players from the state league. Does the FFA think that a plan to supplement our youth programs with players from the Asian confederation, along with specific international spots for asian players may boost the profile of the league in asia and perhaps grow TV revenue from these areas (if we can manage to have the best asian talent on show and be seen as a pathway to Europe). What new resources are going to be put into marketing the game and how can we better reach our relevant target market? I quite like the Australia v New Zealand idea over the two public holidays, but I'd just keep it at the two games and whomever wins on aggregate takes the trophy (the kiwis get an advantage but they need it). FFA cup, great idea but I believe this should start small and slowly to ensure its survival. State based knock out competition involving say 8 or 16 clubs (depending on the state) should be used first, these then are reduced to 2 or 4 teams (dependant on state). The last 16 teams go into a home and away knockout competition until the final, perhaps help on Australia day (in tandem or instead of idea above). Note: Tasmania and NT sides will need to have a playoff against Vic/Qld sides in order to make last 16. New Zealand teams won't be included.
Elliott  |  
6 Feb 2013 04:41 PM
Enough of this FFA cup nonsense. No one in Europe treats domestic cup competitions seriously anyway (only in the UK are they even played on weekends). An FFA cup would actually be to the detriment of the game in this country. The HAL grand final is the highlight of domestic football in this country - and should be left as it is. If we ditch the grand final there would be plenty of fans and sponsors losing interest and walking away from the game.
PAUL F  |  
5 Feb 2013 06:46 PM
Well done on this initiative to engage with the community. Please consider extending this fan forum initiative to the other major cities in Australia, in particular; Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide, as well as Wellington. These members of the community need a voice too and we need to focus attention on the clubs which are struggling as well as those that are prospering.
Costa  |  
5 Feb 2013 02:05 PM
Thanks for initiating the 'fan forum's' with the initial three meetings and trust that all major cities including Canberra, Hobart and regional centres have the opportunity to contribute their ideas for the games continued development. The success of the WSW fan forums last year was having a clear focus and agenda which was the same at all 7 meetings . . . this is critical to gauge real understanding of the football and A-League issues. In proposing an Agenda, David Gallop should have the following as key elements for discussion: 1. Coaching & development of youth players (male & female) at Association, State & National levels and how to implement a cohensive structure. 2. Introduction of an FFA Cup 'knock-out' competition in 2014 for all State & A-League clubs with an initial capping of 32 teams commencing September with finals in the following February. 3. Invite 'fan forums' to be held later this year in Canberra, Townsville and possibly 2 other major centres to build a launching pad for the inclusion of two further teams in the A-League for 2013-14 season or the following season. 4. After this season 2013, cease the finals series for the A-League and enshrine the A-League 'premiers' as the championship winners. 5. Along with community football matches each year, the need to introduce Youth league and Women's League matches as curtain raisers to A-League matches at least twice each season. 6. All A-League clubs to have clear objectives on fan membership with a suggested objective of 1.5 members to every stadium seat at the clubs home ground i.e. Sydney FC 50,000 members, WSW 30,000. 7 Press for three (3) A-League clubs into the Asian Champions league. Competition 'Premiers' & 2nd placed team plus winner of the FFA Cup. All the prime agenda items to be published on the FFA website. Let's take the game forward with inspired leadership.
JOHN  |  
5 Feb 2013 12:29 PM
the wanderers already have a big and fast growing fan base, who are really passionate about the game, is there any other locations in Australia that could bring this sort of dedication so quick? if there is why not expand there?
matilda 14  |  
1 Feb 2013 03:55 PM
Bring back the Trans-Tasman Cup!!! A yearly competition should be set up between the Australian and New Zealand national teams. Football Federation Australia and New Zealand Football should work together... it could be like the State of Origin: 1st game in AU on Australia Day (Jan 26), 2nd game in NZ on Waitangi Day (Feb 6), and 3rd game goes up for bid between cities. DO IT!!!
1 Feb 2013 03:14 PM
FFA cup Super draft like what they have in America And an A league Allstars game where 22 of a leagues elite play each other What are your thoughts on these suggestions
Brandon  |  
1 Feb 2013 01:36 PM
Great to see more fan engagement but a bit silly to announce a tour then only give the first date! I hope these events will be family friendly too. Not all on Tuesday night or the like. Why not have them for an hour before and-or an hour after games? Every stadium has meeting rooms. Or you could even have roving reporters in the stands with mics so everyone can participate - when the fans are going to be present anyway!
Ben of BNE  |  
1 Feb 2013 01:02 PM
Melbourne football supporters (specifically Victory) have been the cornerstone and benchmark of the league since it's inception, yet we are treated like second-class citizens when it comes to Socceroos fixtures, Asian Cup finals fixtures, big name club exhibition matches (that Victory haven't initiated themselves), promotion, and general respect. The Sydney-centric bias towards the management of the game is evident to anyone outside of NSW, and Mr Gallop's track record of support for Melbourne teams (in any code) doesn't do him any favours; I'd like to see better transparent representation by each state (and the territory) in the decision making process for all things FFA to alleviate this perception shared by many.
Ryan  |  
1 Feb 2013 10:06 AM
Please organise ASAP a FFA Cup allowing all Clubs at a State League level to participate. Surely QANTAS would love to show their support for the QANTAS FFA Cup by subsidising/ensuring travel costs are borne by QANTAS (except for A-League teams) giving them naming rights to Cup and possibly badging all participating Clubs with 1,2 or 3 QANTAS badges. The obvious change that need to occur along side this Cup competition is the removal of the sad Finals systems we keep trying. A-League Champions should be the team that finishes 1st at the end of home and away season. If fixturing is done correctly we could have Semi-Finals and Final to be played after the completion of the A-League season. Alternatively you could implement a League Cup style tournement based on Home and Away games until you reach a Semi-Final stage and work it so these games conclude the A-League season, the advantage is that as FFA includes new teams into the A-League the League Cup becomes bigger. If/when we get an A-League D1 then these teams/clubs could also compete. Yes pie in the sky stuff dream big, believe in the dream and follow the dream to it's end and this beautiful game we all love will thrive. We need to stop worrying about what these other codes are or are not doing focus on our goals and don't be afraid to fail. I believe David can take us forward, unite us dream big and doing. My dreams for this game 1. two divisions within A-League with at least two teams based within every State and one from each of the Territories (that would gives us 6 new teams within Australia) try and get another from NZ (7 teams) then take another 3 Clubs from areas like Wollongong, Townsville, Gold Coast etc. To form two 10 team Divisions with the last placed side in A-League relegated for the 1st placed team of Div 1. Time Frame within next 10 years. 2.League Cup competition replacing our current end of season finals systems as I described above. Time Frame - can be implemented next season. 3. QANTAS FFA Cup competition where Clubs competing within each States State League system can nominate to compete against all A-League divisions as I described above. Time Frame within next 3 years. 4.Increase the A-League divisions from 10 clubs to 12 clubs in each. This would be done by new teams entering Div 1 with one new team entering every three years. So HAL would have 10 teams and ALD1 would have 11 teams after another three years a new clubs would enter ALD1. However at this point the team that finishes in last spot in HAL would not be relegated so as both divisions have 11 teams and so on. Given my time frame for #1 the time frame for completion of this would be 22 years. 5. Add an A-League Div 2 start with 8 teams 3 years after #4 and increase by one team every 3 years until we have 12 teams. Based on above time frame 37 years. Big dreams take time. We started the journey by starting again now lets set a focus and a goal for our kids and theirs once our house is in order we should not be contemplating any bids for hosting World Cups regardless of the windfall. I love this game just my views.
Adam  |  
1 Feb 2013 01:04 AM
Bit far for me to fly over fot his but if anyone is going could you please ask him: 1. what is planned to address the poor and declineing standard of referreeing in the league 2. Why have they change the final series to such an unfair system. 3. where is our FFA Cup!
chloesdad  |  
1 Feb 2013 12:52 AM
These forums are an important component in the stakeholder engagement process, so FFA and its new CEO deserve praise for initiating them. I hope that they are held across Australia and cover all the State-Territory capital cities, including here in Canberra. Critical will be the follow up to implement the best ideas and respond to issues which gain the most attention (common themes that emerge). Follow up forums probably need to drill down into more detail based around the top priorities that are identified by fans.
Pablo Bateson  |  
31 Jan 2013 11:16 PM
East Sydney. Sigh. Will be impossible to get to. I hope the FFA has some sense and organises another out West.
bob  |  
31 Jan 2013 10:45 PM
Slightly concerned about the FFA's role in prioritising the Championship over the Premiership. We need to reorganise our ACL spots!
Manny  |  
31 Jan 2013 09:50 PM
Att: David and Damien Will a fan forum be held in Adelaide this year? It's a bit hard for Adelaide fans to travel interstate every year to go to one of these events. Quite a few Adelaide people would like to have a say on several issues regarding the a-league and fan experience. Please see if you can get a fan forum in Adelaide. It's very important Regards Timber Tim
Timber Tim  |  
31 Jan 2013 09:43 PM
Do an Anzac cup v Turkey on Anzac day.
ben  |  
31 Jan 2013 08:42 PM