Farina's End Of Season Verdict

Tuesday, 16 April 2013 4:26 PM

Farina's End Of Season Verdict

Sky Blues Head Coach Frank Farina has identified the problems and fixes Sydney FC need to implement to ensure they have a successful 2013/14 season.

The former striker and his coaching staff have gone through all aspects of the year and are now looking to make the changes that will reverse their fortunes.

“We’ve analysed the season and there were some glaring factors that I think were the main indicators as to why we finished equal sixth but didn’t make the play-offs,” said Farina.

“We conceded 51 goals, the worst in the league. We won four out of our first 13 games of the competition in a 27 game comp, and you’re always going to struggle from there.

“Our away form was not impressive and our discipline was probably not the greatest either in terms of red cards in crucial games which cost us,” he continued.

“They are four key areas in a nutshell which I’ve looked at and said if we can improve on all of those areas we’ll be a much better team.”

Farina is now looking at strengthening the playing roster over the winter months and has pinpointed where he would like to add new faces.

He also understands there will be two key factors in improving the teams performance.

“We have 19 players under contract [for next season] which is the reality. We have to strengthen certain areas, defence for one, but the key for us will be our preparation.

“I don’t believe our preparation was as good as it could have been last season, and preparation is vital if you are going to be successful.

“Recruitment is also a key, we’ll more than likely be able to recruit four players. We have salary cap restrictions as well so those four players are going to be important for us. We don’t have marquee spots so we have to get players we believe are going to be able to do a job for us,” he said after Tuesday’s training session.

“If we’re going to be better than what we were this year, then they are the keys, our recruitment and our preparation.”

“We’ve got our targets, and we’ll see whether we can achieve those but you don’t have to rush into the market straight away.”

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