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Who has been the best marquee man this season?

Comments (3)
Boys! You have to use the top two inches if you want to win. D on't let those loud-mouth Aussies get the Ref's sympathy. Argue w them. Don't argue w t Ref but argue w the player who is! This way you get psychologic ascendancy. Yours Truly, Socrates
ben parsons  |  
23 Dec 2012 09:17 AM
Sack Holger? You are a deadset clown Lester Holger is in a lose-lose position in Australian football. If he plays an experienced side he gets ridiculed for not blooding more youth then when he takes youth players he gets criticised for not having experience? The Australian public needs to wake up to themselves.
Optimism  |  
22 Dec 2012 12:03 PM
Has someone gotten rid of Holger yet ? When are they going to sack Holger Osieck ? Please for the future of Australian football sack Holger ! He has no idea of what he's doing.
Lester  |  
21 Dec 2012 03:26 PM