Principle X - Survey

The tenth survey based on Australia becoming 'the centre of women’s football in the Asia-Pacific region’ is now live. 

The focus of Principle X is to continue the growth of the game by driving participation of women and girls and enhancing existing competition structures to promote player development.

Fernandes - Principle X


Women’s football in Australia has made significant progress (underpinned by the success of the Matildas) and continues to present the greatest opportunity for growth in Australian football.

The awarding of co-hosting rights to FFA for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup provides additional impetus, not only to continue the growth of Women’s Football in Australia, but to turn Australia into the ‘centre’ of Women’s Football in the Asia-Pacific region.

Australian football has recognised that to reflect the games’ true diversity and global appeal, more women must be advanced into senior administrative roles across the game.

Australian football must also address the unique challenges faced by Women’s Football, particularly in relation to its player development pathways including consistency of delivery within each MF, the financial ability of players to access these programs, and increase opportunities for elite football.