Football Australia Integrity Framework

Football Ausgtralia is dedicated to promoting and strengthening the reputation of football in Australia, and the reputation of Australian football on the world stage. A dedicated integrity framework for football in Australia is an important mechanism for both protecting and enhancing the standards of performance, behaviour and professionalism for football participants and stakeholders in Australia.

The regulations, policies and guidelines which underpin Football Australia’s integrity framework include the following:

  1. Football Australia National Anti-Doping Policy
  2. Football Australia Sports Supplements and Medication Guidelines
  3. Football Australia National Code of Conduct
  4. Football Australia Sports Betting and Match Fixing Guidelines

In addition to the day to day work undertaken on integrity matters, Football Australia has a dedicated Football Australia Integrity Unit.  The primary purpose of the Football Australia Integrity Unit is to formalise Football Australia’s focus on specific matters that may impact the sporting integrity of football in Australia.

Betting and Fixing Rules 

Football Australia acknowledges gambling on sport is a common activity for many Australian adults which, when undertaken responsibly may be enjoyable.  However, the Football Australia National Code of Conduct and the FIFA Code of Ethics impose obligations and restrictions on Players and Officials (such as coaches, referees, medical staff and volunteers) in relation to betting and fixing – including that you must not bet on football matches.

Football Australia National Code of Conduct

Clause 4 of the Football Australia National Code of Conduct deals with matters related to betting, match-fixing and corruption.

In particular, clause 4.1 of the Football Australia National Code of Conduct states as follows:

A Member# must not engage, directly or indirectly, in

(a) any bet, wager, gamble or any other form of financial speculation where the relevant person stands to win or gain from the win, draw or loss of any Club competing in a Match;
(b) the throwing or fixing of a Match; or
(c) any conduct or behaviour intended to unfairly affect the result of a Match, including accepting or agreeing to accept any Benefit connected with or relating to the ability of a Member to exercise control over or influence the outcome of a Match so as to bring about a result other than that which would be achieved in a fair contest between the competing teams. 

Note # = Member is defined as including Member Federations, Competition Administrators, Clubs, Players, Officials, Match Agents and Intermediaries.

Further, ALL persons and bodies bound by the Football Australia National Code of Conduct, including Players and Officials, must immediately report to Football Australia any offer of a bribe or any attempt by a person in breach of clause 4 of the Football Australia National Code of Conduct (See clause 4.4 of the Football Australia National Code of Conduct).

FIFA Code of Ethics

In addition to being bound by the Football Australia National Code of Conduct, all officials and players (as well as match agents and players’ agents) are bound by the FIFA Code of Ethics. The FIFA Code of Ethics addresses a range of matters, including bribery and corruption, as well as prescribing the following in relation to betting and the integrity of matches and competitions:

Persons bound by this Code shall be forbidden from taking part in, either directly or indirectly, or otherwise being associated with, betting, gambling, lotteries and similar events or transactions connected with football matches. They are forbidden from having stakes, either actively or passively, in companies, concerns, organisations, etc that promote, broker, arrange or conduct such events or transactions.

The FIFA Code of Ethics also imposes on players and officials a duty of disclosure, cooperation and reporting (see Articles 17 and 18 of the FIFA Code of Ethics).

Reporting Integrity Matters

To report any integrity related matters to Football Australia, please email

General Club Resources

Clubs – Available below are links to some useful posters that you may want to print off and put up around your Club change rooms and facilities to make participants aware of some of their obligations under the Football Australia National Code of Conduct:

Football Australia Integrity - No Betting Poster

Football Australia Integrity - Corruption Poster

To obtain high-resolution, print quality versions of these posters, please contact