Collection Statement

You are about to enter personal information into a form administered by Football Australia Limited (Football Australia). Football Australia respects the privacy of individuals about whom we collect personal information. The personal information that Football Australia collects from you via the form is collected and used in accordance with relevant privacy laws for the purpose of genuine employment and recruitment practices, including:

  • processing your application and evaluating your suitability and eligibility for a position at Football Australia;
  • verifying your identity; and
  • confirming that you have the right to work in Australia,

(Purpose).  Further to the above, we ask you to provide various details about yourself so that we can:

  • monitor diversity within our candidates; and
  • ensure compliance with Football Australia’s corporate policies (including our Safe Workplace (COVID-19) Policy).

Unless otherwise agreed with you in writing, Football Australia will only keep your personal information for as long as it is needed for the Purpose.

You acknowledge that the information you provide will be collected by Football Australia and stored securely by Football Australia in electronic format. You also acknowledge that the information will be made available to the following parties where we have legitimate interests or legal obligations to do so:

  • the third party human resource consulting and advertising organisation through which you submit your application (e.g. Seek, LinkedIn, Sportspeople) for the purpose of managing internal reporting requirements and as otherwise described in that party’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy;
  • JobAdder Operations Pty Ltd in order to provide Football Australia with recruitment software services in respect to the Purpose; and
  • government departments and agencies to the extent relevant to the Purpose; and
  • as otherwise required by law.

Without the requested personal information, we cannot accept and process your application. Football Australia’s Privacy Policy tells you more, including how to contact us to access and correct your details or make a complaint.

By submitting this form, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described above.