Legacy '23

Being awarded the co-hosting rights to the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023TM provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to realise a truly meaningful legacy for football, the community, and the nation.

Legacy ’23 is Football Australia’s plan to deliver immediate and long-term community benefits and economic impact from Australia hosting the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023TM.  It’s an ambitious plan for our nation to build back through football and realise enduring and exciting benefits as a result of hosting this global event.

Winning the bid was just the beginning

The emphatic reaction from the public, media and politicians when we won the bid was phenomenal. With over 800,000 people registering their support, and thousands of conversations online, football united the nation in a monumental moment for women's sport in Australia.

Now, football and Governments must work together to maximise the opportunities of the biggest global event in Australia since Sydney 2000.   

As Australia’s Community Sport of almost two million participants, Football is an inclusive platform that can deliver economic, health and social benefits to more Australians than ever before. The whole nation is excited about the life-changing opportunities that lie ahead.

Through the five pillars of this strategy, Football Australia and Governments can partner together to create a limitless legacy from the FIFA Women's World CupTM.

Five Pillars Legacy '23

Five Pillars of Legacy ‘23

  • Participation 

Expand club, school, and social football programs to improve the experience for women and girls, and enable more people to experience the health and social benefits of football.

Introduce a national Indigenous program, and enhance youth and CALD football initiatives. Football would reach 50:50 gender parity in 2027, with 400,000+ more female participants.

Legacy '23 - Participation


  • Community Facilities

Improving football grounds to ensure equitable female facilities and meet surging community demand in the lead up to the tournament. Create settings where the football community can come together now, and in the years beyond 2023.

Build a national Home of Football to deliver world-class participation, professional development and women’s leadership programs, for all ages and abilities. This will also serve as an International Centre for Women’s Football for the Asia-Pacific region.

Legacy '23 - Facilities


  • High Performance

World-class preparation to support our Matildas in their ambition to lift the World Cup in 2023, while expanding our youth team programs and pathways to develop the next generation of talent.

Legacy 23' - High performance


  • Tourism & International Engagement

Maximise opportunities to boost tourism and trade with our government partners, empower women across the region through leadership opportunities, and strengthen international relations in the Indo-Pacific through the platform of football and the world game. 

Junior Matildas


  • Leadership & Development

Empower a new generation of women to lead on and off the pitch ahead of the world’s largest women’s sporting event. Tailored educational programs to ensure greater female representation in key roles, to shape the future of Australian sport, and unlock the potential of women from Indigenous and migrant communities. Inspire Australians via greater visibility of legacy initiatives and sporting success stories leading into 2023.

Legacy '23 - Leading and developing