Sporting Schools

The Sporting Schools Football Program caters for both Primary Schools, and Secondary Schools (Years 7-8 only). 

The program is designed by our technical and youth development teams to use Football as the vehicle for fun, engagement and physical activity with learning principles that can be then applied back into the classroom environment. 

With a focus on learning movement skills, teamwork, coordination and fun, the program encourages children to participation in game-based activities that reflect the Football Australia ‘Play for Life’ philosophy and the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education syllabus.

The foundation of the Football Schools Program is based on the junior program: MiniRoos. 

Football Australia will look to engage past, current and upcoming Matildas and Socceroo player appearances, A-League & W-League player and club representatives and local community club interaction to encourage the transition of school students into the Football Junior Pathway. 

Our programs are tailored to the needs of each school, ranging in sessions and duration and are inclusive and available to students of all abilities. 

Sporting Schools football programs can run before, during and after school.

To apply for sporting schools funding, or to find out more information about the program visit  

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