Information for Football Agents


In December 2022, FIFA approved the FIFA Football Agent Regulations (FFAR). The objectives of the FFAR are to ensure that football agents’ conduct is consistent with the core objectives of the football transfer system, particularly the integrity of football as a whole, and to guarantee minimum professional and ethical standards for the occupation of football agent.

While the processes for obtaining a licence under the FFAR entered into force on 9 January, there is a transition period ahead of the obligation to use only licensed football agents, as well as the cap on agent fees, which will occur on 1 October 2023.

FIFA has developed a series of resources on this topic, which can be found in the “FIFA Resources” box throughout the Football Agents section of the FA website. The link to the Football Agents page of the FIFA website is also included below:

As part of the FFAR, each Member Association must also adopt National Agent Regulations. Football Australia will publish its national regulations on the FA website once approved.


Candidates must submit an application to obtain a licence to act as a Football Agent via the FIFA Agent Platform.

If a candidate’s application is successful, they will be invited to sit the FIFA Football Agent Exam.

FIFA has established two (2) dates in 2023 for the FIFA football agent exam:

Exam Date 1: Wednesday, 19 April
Deadline to apply for Exam Date 1: Wednesday, 15 March

Exam Date 2: Wednesday, 20 September
Deadline to apply for Exam Date 2: Monday, 31 July

For those candidates wishing to take the FIFA Football Agent Exam in Australia, Football Australia will upload the exam details into the FIFA Agent Platform following the application deadline.

A candidate may be exempt from taking the Football Agent Exam if they:

  • Submit an application on the FIFA Agent Platform by 30 September
  • Comply with the eligibility requirements
  • Provide proof that they were licensed as an agent pursuant to the FIFA Players’ Agents Regulations (1991, 1995, 2001 and 2008 editions)
  • Provide proof that they were registered as an intermediary pursuant to the Regulations on Working with Intermediaries or equivalent national regulations
  • Pay the annual license fee to FIFA


Football Australia’s National Football Agents Regulations will be published to this page of the FA website, as well as in the Official Documents page, once approved.

A Registration Form for candidates who intend to operate in Australia will also be published on this page. The completed Registration Form must be submitted prior to the Agent Exam, with specific deadlines and additional information to be communicated following approval of FA’s national regulations.