Football Australia to hold 18th Annual General meeting on Tuesday

The eighteenth Annual General meeting (AGM) of Football Australia Limited will be held at 12pm (AEDT) on Tuesday, 23 November 2021 via videoconference.

In accordance with its Constitution, the business to be conducted at the AGM is for Football Australia’s Members to receive and consider Football Australia’s Annual Financial Report, report on the Annual activities of Football Australia, inform Members of Football Australia’s Annual budget, and conduct elections for two (2) Director positions on Football Australia’s Board. 

Throughout the AGM Football Australia’s Members will also consider a proposed change to Football Australia’s financial year and vote to ratify a new Chair of the Women’s Football Council. Leigh Russell has been elected to the position by Football Australia’s Nominations Committee. 

Tomorrow’s AGM will mark the completion of Ros Moriarty’s tenure as a Member and Chair of Football Australia’s Women’s Football Council. Working with Football Australia, Ros was instrumental in commissioning the Women’s Football Business Case Plan, a framework that now underpins key commitments outlined in the XI Principles for the future of Australian football, as well as contributing to the game’s Legacy ‘23 initiative, which includes the target to achieve 50:50 gender parity with respect to Australian football participation by 2027.

Football Australia applauds Ros for her service to the game during her time as Chair of the Women’s Football Council and commends her commitment to improving the sport for women and girls.

Current Directors Joseph Carrozzi and Amy Duggan have been nominated for re-election as Directors of the Football Australia Board. Carrozzi and Duggan are the only two nominees standing for the two available positions.

Following the conclusion of the AGM Football Australia’s Board of Directors will meet to elect the Chair of Football Australia, which is a requirement each year following the AGM under Football Australia’s Constitution.