Katarina Jukic reflects on her world class goal that went around the globe

It’s not every day that you wake up and a goal you scored has gone viral. 

However, that was the experience for Perth native Katarina Jukic last weekend when she equalised for Murdoch University Melville against Fremantle City with a beautifully timed Rabona goal. 

For Jukic, the goal itself didn’t seem all that special.  That is because the 29-year-old has a habit of pulling out audacious pieces of skill. 

Jukic celebrates
Katarina Jukic celebrates a beautiful equaliser (Photo: Football West)

Having played more than a decade in the top league of WA, Jukic’s skill is well known women’s football community but last weekend she went global. 

Considering she had scored a similar goal earlier in the season, the striker was unprepared for the international attention. 

“My sister [Antonia] had recorded it on her phone because she was at home watching it and she put it on Instagram,” she remembered. 

“I shared it and a few people messaged me from there.  I woke up the next morning and just went about my day and it wasn’t until about lunchtime that I started getting all these tags and shares from friends and family.

“It was just one after the next.  I thought it was just going to be 24 hours but even today it is still going. 

I’m just speechless.”

From Australia to Spain, England to Mexico and the United States, her goal drew plaudits for its execution. 

For Jukic however, the Rabona is almost as easy as passing as she has been mastering the skill since she was a child. 

“It is more so comfortable hitting a Rabona than I would my left foot,” she laughed. 

The ball just dropped on my left side and I had already planted my left foot so I just went for it.”

“Every time I do a Rabona, they are always like “use your left foot.  C’mon what are you doing?

“It’s not that my left foot is not good, it’s just more comfortable using the Rabona.”

Jukic’s goal was a highlight in an already fruitful season for the striker and her Murdoch University Melville teammates. 

MUMFC League Winners
Jukic with her club teammates (Photo: Football West)

Heading into the finals this weekend, the team has already claimed the league title and are looking to claim the Championship in the Top Four Cup. 

For the two-time WA Women’s Player of the Year, it would be fitting end to a season where she finally received some due recognition.