WATCH: James Johnson's first media conference as FFA CEO

New Football Federation Australia CEO James Johnson spoke to the assembled media for the first time on Wednesday, 15 January. 

Watch his introductory press conference and Q and A session with journalists, as James talked about subjects such as unbundling the Hyundai A-League, bidding for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 and a range of other challenges awaiting him in his new role.

James discussed a wide range of topics in the 30 minute plus conference.

Here are the key talking points:

Opening remarks 
2:26 – Where James sees the FFA's position in football landscape
5:30 – His plans to establish a clear vision for the organisation
7:30 – The complex football issues that need to be addressed
11:20 – Acknowledging the FFA's role in transformational change

12:30 – Why having a football person at this particular time is the right decision
13:20 – The three immediate priorities for James to work on
14:15 – James' plans on interacting with clubs and stakeholders
15:10 – The importance of a vision and a strategy for everyone to work towards
16:20 – Opportunities with sponsors and commercial partners
17:14 – James' role in FIFA's reform and building trust with stakeholders
19:28 – Why communication and transparency will be a key part of building trust
20:47 – The new Leagues model and the FFA's role in global football
22:31 – The learning process for James and the structure around him
23:35 – Addressing the cost of player registrations
24:48 – Chairman Chris Nikou discusses venues in Leagues football
26:05 – James discusses his time at City Football Group and his new responsibilities 
27:23 – What we are trying to achieve with our Leagues
28:36 – Looking at pathways and the competition structures
29:30 – Opinions on the optimum amount of teams in the Leagues
31:10 – The importance of football being fun