Nailing Your Recovery

There is nothing like showing up to your training sessions and match days feeling energised, strong and focused.

Knowing that you have done all in your control to support your best, brings a confidence that helps deliver performance.

A key component to all this, that can make or break your performance, is your attention to recovery. Considering your recovery strategies holds the ability to reduce your risk of injury, support your immune system, enhance your training adaptations (hello progress!) and improve your overall performance.

Recovery 01

When you think recovery nutrition, your mind might jump to a protein shake – but we are here to assure you that it is so much more than that!

Your Recovery Window

You may have heard (and felt!) the pressure to start your recovery within 30mins of finishing your session – but is this 30mins as important as it is cracked up to be?

Well, the answer (annoyingly) is – it depends!

If you have another session or match in the coming 12hrs, beginning your recovery refuelling asap is essential. However, if you have a day or more before your coming match or session, it is more important to consider the bigger picture:

Your recovery window is actually 24-48hrs!

So if you are someone who trains most days, you are literally always in a state of recovery!