Setting Your Nutrition Foundation

As you scroll the socials, see your fav players nutrition, or chat to your teammates, it is so easy to get caught up in all the fun and flashy stuff of nutrition. However, we want to show you how incredible the basics can be and how much can be gained with a solid foundation (just like your training program!). Once your daily habits are solid and feeling good, then we move to the fun stuff – those added extras of timings, periodisation and supplements.

Your ‘why’ to thinking about food can be for everything from supporting improvements to performance, ensuring you are waking up firing with high energy, improving your overall mood, reducing injury risk, supporting immune function and of course ensuring you are growing and developing as a person too!  

Nutrition Fundamentals 01


The benefit of first acknowledging your ‘why’ to nutrition is that it then helps us to understand what habits will support progress on the pitch.

Think of these areas as the boulders of performance nutrition, the habits that we want to get on autopilot before thinking about the pebbles or performance nutrition such as timings and supplements.

Nutrition Fundamentals 02