Statement from FFA regarding Football Queensland matter

FFA is aware that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) published on its ABC News website a story entitled: “Football Queensland's members' fees only went up a few dollars, but they weren't told where the money was going” as well as a related segment that aired on last night's 7.30 Report. 

Earlier in the year, FFA investigated a complaint that was lodged with FIFA which related to matters covered in ABC’s publications.  The complaint contained allegations of misconduct by FQ representatives and was referred to FFA for handling in accordance with the FIFA Code of Ethics.  FFA subsequently advised the individuals who were the subject of the complaint that, after reviewing the evidence available from the investigation, the allegations were unsubstantiated.   

In connection with its investigation, FFA made recommendations on further processes that could be adopted by FQ to enhance its governance practices in future.  However, FFA confirmed that, on the evidence before it, there was no finding that any representative of FQ was in breach of the FFA Code of Conduct, FIFA Code of Ethics or had engaged in corrupt or unethical behaviour. 

FFA will be making no further comment on the matter.