Domestic Transfer System Webinar 2

Football Federation Australia (FFA) has released the second in a series of webinars discussing the establishment of a modern Domestic Transfer System (DTS), the benefits and challenges of the system, and the potential for reform and evolution in Australia. 

In the second webinar, available here or via the video player above, Mel McLaughlin is joined by Patrick Stewart, General Counsel at Manchester United, and Lina Souloukou, General Manager at Olympiakos, to discuss the transfer system strategies of two of European football’s biggest clubs.

The webinars are being released by FFA to raise awareness of the global transfer system and to encourage and facilitate discourse ahead of the establishment of a fit-for-purpose system for Australia – a development FFA believes would provide much-needed stimulus to the Australian football economy, and lay the platform for Australia to further access the international transfer market. 

Later this month, FFA will release a DTS Reform White Paper. The release of FFA’s DTS Reform White Paper will represent a key milestone in the establishment of Australia’s modern DTS and will outline a prospective timeline for implementation. It will also provide a conduit for consultation with key stakeholders. 

A modern DTS will also help to address some of the player development challenges that FFA have identified in its Performance Gap studies this year, by ensuring that clubs at all levels of the game are appropriately incentivised to continuously and sustainably invest in the training and development of players. 

Watch the first Domestic Transfer System Webinar below!