Spotlight On: Naomi Chinnama

With the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup 2022™ kicking off in just over two weeks, we put the spotlight on your CommBank Young Matildas squad in a series of quick 'getting to know you,' Q&As.

The first player off the rank is Melbourne City's Naomi Chinnama.

Q1: Tell us about your journey, how did you get involved in football?

A: One word. "Family." My junior club was the U7 Point Cook boys' team in Melbourne, where my dad was actually the coach. I played and trained with my brothers, they were the attackers and I would always try and defend them. They have a few shin scars from me.

I currently play for the Blacktown Spartans in the NSW NPLW during my off-season, on loan from Melbourne City.

Q2: What do you love most about the game?

A: Everything, the whole game! I can't really pinpoint one thing, but especially as a defender, analysing games, looking at how teams play and how everyone works in unison is really helpful for my position. I also love tackling.

Q3: How did you make your way into the CommBank Young Matildas?

A: After my first season with Melbourne City, CommBank Young Matildas Coach, Leah Blaney, invited me to do an elite match in New South Wales. She fell in love with me from there, haha. I'm just kidding, but it's been so good, one thing has just led to another.

Q4: How would you describe your playing style?

A: I would say that I'm composed under pressure. I analyse my game to help me with my tactical awareness. I see myself as a leader and I am also physical. I would describe myself as a warrior on the field because I will fight for my team until the end.

My team is basically my second family, so I just give it everything. I also have a passion for clean sheets, so I do take it personally if someone scores against us.

Q5: How would you describe yourself off the pitch?

A: Well, growing up with my brothers was an experience. They would describe me as nerdy and goofy. My friends probably would describe me as the same, but it's fun because we're always having a laugh. There's never a dull moment.

Q6: Who inspires you?

A: There are some players that I really enjoy watching like Messi, Virgil van Djik and Ellie Carpenter, just to name a few. I also draw inspiration from different people like coaches, family and friends, but it's my dad who brings it all together.

He's always there in my corner and helps me put things into perspective. He's been my rock right throughout my footballing journey.