Working With Children Checks

Working with Children Checks aim to create a child-safe environment and to protect children and young people involved in our sport from physical and sexual harm.

They assess the suitability of people to work with children and young people and can involve:

  • criminal history checks;
  • signed declarations;
  • referee checks; and
  • other relevant background checks to assess a person’s suitability to work with children and young people.

Detailed information, including the forms required to complete a Working with Children Check, are available from the relevant agencies in each state and territory.

State / Territory Details
Australian Capital Territory

Contact the Office of Regulatory Services
Phone: 02 6207 3000
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New South Wales

Contact the Office of the Children’s Guardian
Phone: 02 9286 7276
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Northern Territory

Contact the Northern Territory Screening Authority
Phone: 1800 SAFE NT (1800 723 368)
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Contact the Queensland Government Blue Card Services
Phone: 1800 113 611
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South Australia

Contact the Department for Education and Child Development
Phone : 08 8463 6468.
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National Police Check

DCSI Child Related Work Screening


Contact the Department of Justice
Phone: 1300 13 55 13
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Contact the Department of Justice
Phone: 1300 652 879
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Western Australia

Contact the Department for Child Protection
Phone: 1800 883 979
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Travelling to other states or territories

It is important to remember that when travelling to other states or territories, representatives of sporting organisations must comply with the legislative requirements of that particular state or territory.

In certain jurisdictions, temporary, time limited exemptions from working with children checks may be available for interstate visitors with a Working with Children Check in their home state.

The laws providing interstate exemptions are not consistent across Australia.

If an employee or volunteer for your organisation is travelling interstate to do work that would normally require a working for children check, you will need to check the relevant requirements of that state or territory.