Australian referees on 2017 FIFA Panel

Football Federation Australia is pleased to announce that 23 Match Officials have been selected on the FIFA Panel of International Referees for 2017.

Hyundai A-League Referee Shaun Evans joins the Men’s Referee Panel for the first time while Westfield W-League Officials Rebecca Durcau and Laura Moya join the Women’s Referee and Assistant Referee Panels respectively.

Futsal F-League Referee Andrew Best is the final newcomer having joined the Men’s Futsal Panel. 

Having been appointed as a full-time professional Hyundai A-League referee last year, Evans was ecstatic to realise a career goal of his.

“It is the realisation of a life-long dream and the culmination of 12 years of hard work and sacrifice,” said Evans.

“As a young referee I always looked up to those who have been on the FIFA panel and aspired to one day referee at the highest level.

“These opportnities are very limited and it’s an honour to receive this appointement,” concluded Evans.


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Brisbane-based Durcau was honoured to have reached this milestone in her career.

“Being selected as a FIFA Referee is an honour and brings a great sense of achievement. I have been refereeing for the last 10 years and this has been a goal I have been working towards.”

Melbourne based Moya was equally excited and reflected on the commitment required to reach this level.

“When I got the phone call I was left speechless. My life revolves around football and refereeing. Holidays, diets, birthdays, celebrations, everything needs to fit my football commitments and schedule. I’m really lucky my family love football and support me really well.

FFA Director of Referees Ben Wilson congratulated Australia’s newest FIFA officials.

“For Shaun, Rebecca, Laura and Andrew this is a fantastic achievement and reflects the years of dedication they have devoted to their refereeing careers,” said Wilson.


“Australian Match Officials are very well respected internationally and I’m confident our entire FIFA panel will continue to proudly represent Australia on the international stage in 2017,” concluded Wilson.

Australian Match Officials on the FIFA Panel of International Referees for 2017

Men Referees: Chris Beath, Shaun Evans, Jarred Gillett, Peter Green, Alan Milliner

Men Assistant Referees: Ashley Beecham, Paul Cetrangolo, Matthew Cream, Ryan Gallagher, George Lakrindis, Nathan MacDonald, Anton Shchetinin, David Walsh

Women Referees: Rebecca Durcau, Kate Jacewicz, Casey Reibelt

Women Assistant Referees: Renae Coghill, Allyson Flynn, Laura Moya, Sarah Ho

Men Futsal Referees: Andrew Best, Ryan Shepheard, Darius Turner