CLUB CHANGER Club of the Year awards

It has been over a year from the launch of Club Changer, Football Australia’s Club Development Program. Since then, more than 1,000 community football clubs have engaged with the program and over 700 have acquired their 1 Star recognition for their immense work in the Women & Girls Football space.

Today, we are announcing the winners of the Club Changer Club of the Year award for the regional and metropolitan areas. Two clubs, one metropolitan and one regional, stood out because of their commitment to make football more inclusive, accessible, and welcoming for Women & Girls not just on but also off the pitch.

Flinders United Women’s Football Club (Metropolitan)

Flinders United Women’s Football Club, from South Australia, has been working since 2021 to make football a safe and inclusive ‘lifetime pathway’ for women and girls. They identified a challenge concerning female players aged 15-years-old and upwards who tended to discontinue their involvement, not just in football but in sports in general. This resulted in the club committing to address the developmental gap between junior and senior players through a strategic and comprehensive action plan.

The club took a proactive approach by engaging senior players as coaches for junior teams, which enhanced the capabilities of players and created a sense of unity within the club. Moreover, Flinders United WFC ensured a careful approach to age-group transitions, avoiding premature moves that could hinder overall growth and skill development.

Club Changer Club of the Year (Metropolitan) | Flinders United Women’s Football Club

Shellharbour Junior Football Club (Regional)

Shellharbour Junior Football Club, from Regional New South Wales, have employed different strategies to make sure the women and girls of their club find it a safe place to be part of, and enjoy not just playing but living football.

SJFC decided to tackle specific objectives to increase female participation on and off the pitch, like offering a female only competition for their summer football program, which saw 37 all girls teams and an additional 19 mixed teams participate; encouraging an increase in females to join the committee and achieving 40/40/20 representation (The Club Changer 40/40/20 resource was key to working toward this); and creating a women’s mentorship program that has been quickly progressing, with their now a Women’s coordinator who is fully focused on the implementation of the program.

Club Changer Club of the Year (Regional) | Shellharbour Junior Football Club

Recognition to other Club Changers

This is not an acknowledgment of just two clubs; it is also a recognition to all 18 Clubs, from nine member federations, nominated due to their efforts during the last year. Their great work is embodied in a case studies booklet that you can access here or on the below image.

Club Changer Case Studies

Thank you to all 18 Clubs for sharing their stories and helping to make football a better sport for everyone.

Congratulation to Flinders United Women’s Football Club and Shellharbour Junior Football Club and thank you again to more than 1,000 clubs who have engaged with the program so far.

Your club could be the next Club Changer Club of the Year!!

If your club is not part of the Club Changer Program yet, visit for more information, or send us an email to, and we will get in contact with you.