FFA commits to developing trans and gender diverse inclusion frameworks

A foundation member of Pride in Sport, FFA has committed to continuing to build a more inclusive game for all. 

Football Federation Australia (FFA) was announced as one of 13 National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) that have pledged to developing trans and gender diverse inclusion frameworks for their sport today.  

The announcement, made at the Sydney Cricket Ground by ACON’s Pride in Sport program, recognised that eight NSOs have come together to unveil their policies and guidelines relating to the participation of trans and gender diverse people. 

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The initiative, spearheaded by ACON’s Pride in Sport program, Australia’s only program specifically designed to assist sporting organisations with the inclusion of people of diverse sexualities and genders at all levels, was undertaken following the identification of a need for national guidance on how NSOs can be inclusive of trans and gender diverse people. 

Flying Bats - Pride in Sport
The Flying Bats are the largest lesbian football club in the world (Photo: Ann Odong / FFA)

FFA Chief Executive Officer, Mr James Johnson, said FFA will undertake the steps required to join the eight NSOs with established and implementable policies, and emphasised that trans and gender diverse people should feel welcome and included at all levels football. 

“In the XI Principles for the future of Australian football document, we recognise the need to introduce measures to promote inclusion and make football accessible to all,” Johnson said. 

“We look forward to working with Pride in Sport to formalise frameworks and guidelines that promote inclusion for trans and gender diverse people within our game – be they at the grassroots or professional level, in administrative roles, or any other capacity. 

Football is the world game and it is our mission to make football inclusive for all.”

Pride in Sport National Program Manager, Beau Newell, said that the joint commitment made by the NSOs marks a major moment in Australian sport. 

“This launch demonstrates a fundamental shift within Australian sport towards the greater inclusion of trans and gender diverse athletes. By formalising their stand to be inclusive of trans and gender diverse people, these Australian sports have shown a true and tangible commitment to providing environments where everyone involved is treated with respect and dignity,” Newell said. 

Sport has an amazing opportunity to provide a safe and inclusive environment to all people, including people with diverse genders and sexualities. As a country that holds sport very close to our hearts, it also has a unique position to be able to help change attitudes of many Australians."

"The demand for more inclusive sporting cultures makes clear that Australian society increasingly expects that sport should be for everyone, including trans and gender diverse people.” 

Sydney Rangers - Inclusive club
Sydney Rangers are Australia’s first and Sydney’s only gay and inclusive men’s soccer club (Photo: Ann Odong / FFA)

Additionally, FFA was awarded Silver Tier recognition by Pride in Sport at the Australian Pride in Sport Awards held on Wednesday.

The Australian Pride in Sport Awards recognise exceptional efforts in making sport more inclusive for LGBTQ people.