Football Australia to hold 20th Annual General Meeting on 22 November

The twentieth Annual General meeting (AGM) of Football Australia Limited will be held at 10am (AEDT) on Wednesday, 22 November 2023 at Allianz Stadium in Sydney and via videoconference.

In accordance with its Constitution, the business to be conducted at the AGM is for Football Australia’s Members to receive and consider Football Australia’s Annual Financial Report, report on the Annual activities of Football Australia, inform Members of Football Australia’s annual budget, and conduct elections for two Director positions on Football Australia’s Board.

Current Director Spiro Pappas has been nominated for re-election as a Director of Football Australia, with a further two nominations being received.

The Nominee Directors listed below will fill two positions as Elected Directors of Football Australia for terms of office expiring at the 2026 Annual General Meeting.

  1. CICCARELLO, Salvatore (Sam) proposed by Football South Australia and seconded by Melbourne City FC;
  2. HILL, Alison proposed by Football Tasmania and seconded by Football Northern Territory; and
  3. PAPPAS, Spiro proposed by Football NSW and seconded by Football Victoria.

Following the conclusion of the AGM Football Australia’s Board of Directors will meet to elect the Chair of Football Australia, which is a requirement each year following the AGM under Football Australia’s Constitution.