Football Australia updates on the National Second Tier process

Football Australia is pleased to announce the conclusion of phase two, the Request for Proposal (RFP) phase of the National Second Tier (NST) Application Process.

The RFP phase, crucial for laying the groundwork for the upcoming NST, has resulted in submissions being received by the deadline on Monday 28 August 2023. Given the confidential nature of the RFP process, Football Australia will not disclose the clubs that have made submissions, nor comment on their submissions’ compliance or completeness at this time.

“We’ve taken significant strides towards establishing a robust framework for the National Second Tier. The response and the submissions received are testament to the passion and commitment of the football community to this pivotal initiative,” said James Johnson, CEO of Football Australia.

With the RFP process now finalised, the Assessment and Review Phase has now commenced. Each submitted proposal will undergo a rigorous evaluation to ensure its completeness and alignment with the set criteria and requirements. Should sufficient proposals be deemed suitable, this phase will be succeeded by the Completion phase, marking the end of the selection process.

Ensuring transparency and accuracy in these crucial steps, Football Australia has appointed BDO, globally recognised accounting and advisory experts, as an independent third party to provide their assistance to the process.

Johnson further added, “Every decision we make during this process aims to guarantee that the National Second Tier is holistic, competitive, and adds immense value to Australian football. Collaborating with BDO assures our stakeholders of the process's integrity and fairness.”

Football Australia continues to target a 2024 launch of the NST, aiming to feature a minimum of 10 teams that will compete in a home and away league structure with finals. However, Football Australia may also explore a phased 'group based’ model, where the National Premier Leagues would influence the composition, adopting the ‘Champions League’ model.

Concluding his statement, Johnson remarked, “As we advance, our commitment is to the future of Australian football. Whether we finalise on the conventional league structure or adopt the 'Champions League' model, our vision remains clear – to elevate the stature of football in Australia.”

For more information on the NST Application Process, please visit HERE.