National Second Tier application process advances to final phase

Football Australia is excited to report the successful conclusion of Phase 3, the Assessment and Review Phase, in the evolution of the National Second Tier (NST). This critical phase was dedicated to selecting the most viable and progressive proposals to carry into the future of Australian football.

Currently in Phase 4, the Completion Phase, Football Australia is working in partnership with selected clubs to finalise the essential participation documentation and other necessary requirements for the impending NST competition. 

As Football Australia finalises the Completion Phase and to ensure delivery of a NST of the utmost quality, Football Australia has revised the competition’s commencement to March/April 2025.  

This updated schedule will not only facilitate the finalisation of the competition structure but also grants all stakeholders sufficient time to finalise all logistical, regulatory, and operational aspects to guarantee a successful inauguration of the competition. Furthermore, this adjustment provides clarity for the Member Federations regarding their competition structures in 2024. 

The engaged collaboration and dedication of the clubs has been instrumental during this stage. Football Australia acknowledges these efforts with appreciation as stakeholders make strides towards the competition’s debut. 

Football Australia also extend its appreciation to BDO for their exceptional independent support during the Assessment and Review Phase, reinforcing the integrity and equity of the NST application process. 

Upon the conclusion of the Completion Phase, Football Australia will announce on Monday, 20 November 2023 the clubs that have been selected to participate in, and have executed the relevant transaction documents for, the inaugural season of the NST set to launch in March/April 2025, as well as providing additional information regarding next steps which are essential for the commencement of the NST. 

For more detailed information and ongoing updates on the NST Application Process, the public and media are encouraged to visit HERE