Outcome of Football Australia General Meeting held on Friday 19 February 2021

Football Australia held a general meeting of Members at 10:00am on Friday 19 February, 2021.

The meeting was convened in response to a notice given by Football NSW, a Member who currently holds 6.1% of the votes in Football Australia, to move a resolution to remove Heather Reid as a Director of Football Australia with effect from the close of the meeting.  

 In accordance with the Football Australia Constitution and the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), the Members may remove a Director if the Members pass a resolution, by simple majority, in favour of removing the relevant Director.

The resolution proposed by Football NSW was passed by the Members at the General Meeting.

As the election and removal of Directors is a fundamental and exclusive right for Members to exercise, the Board of Football Australia will not be making any comment in relation to this matter or on the outcome of the resolution.

Football Australia would like thank Heather for her service to the Football Australia Board, and wish her the best for the future.