PacificAus Sports Futsal Series 2024 ends with dominant Futsalroos victory

The final match of the PacificAus Sports Futsal Series 2024 ended in an action-packed 8-2 victory for the Futsalroos with captain Shervin Adeli starring with a remarkable five goal haul in Honiara.

Adeli stole the show with five goals – three of which were assisted by Jordan Guerreiro. Wade Giovenali, Daniel Fornito and Domenic Cox were also on the scoresheet – Cox for the first time in his national team career.

The game started with the Futsalroos playing positively. Daniel Fornito played a lofted ball over the top into the path of Jordan Guerreiro, who replicated his two assists from Game Two. Once again, Team Captain Shervin Adeli was waiting at the back post, and found the back of the net to make it 1-0 within a minute of play.

Solomon Islands' 'Kurukuru' side created a number of their own chances, requiring sharp saves from Domenic Badolato in goals, and desperate tracking back from the [Australian] players in front of him.

However, the home side got their breakthrough in the eighth minute thanks to Elis Mana. An incisive ball found him at the back post - he was able to tuck it away to equalise for Kurukuru.

Solomon Islands vs Futsalroos | Game 3 wrap

Futsal can be a game of inches, and a game of big moments. When Raphael Lea’i was through on goal in the 14th minute, it seemed as if Solomon Islands would take the lead. A remarkable save from Badolato denied him. From the resulting set piece, Kurukuru conceded a foul which led to an opportunity from the 10m penalty spot for Shervin Adeli. Adeli converted, and the Futsalroos took the lead.

They would double their advantage before half-time when Wade Giovenali was the first to react after a rebound. His finish rocketed into the top of the net to make it 3-1 at the break.

Credit: Damien Briggs


It took ten minutes of play for the first goal in the second half to arrive – but when it did, several followed. Both teams were left scratching their heads that they didn’t score after two phenomenal chances each came in quick succession in the 24th minute, but it wasn’t until Domenic Cox scored his first of the series that the game opened up.

Moments after Cox’s goal, Kurukuru’s Jayson Timmi had his moment in the sun, scoring his first goal in his first series for the national side. The Solomons looked to press on, but it was Shervin Adeli who was yet again waiting at the back post for his opportunity. His goal – only moments again after Timmi’s – completed his hattrick.

There was more to come for the Futsalroos captain. During the powerplay, where Daniel Fornito was used as the fifth player, Guerreiro found a free Ethan De Melo who was able to set up Adeli for his fourth goal. His fifth would come four minutes later, as he scored another 10m penalty.  

First-half goalscorer Elis Mana received a red card late in the match due to accumulating two yellow cards, but this time the resulting 10m penalty was saved by Talo. Clifford Misitana also received a second yellow card in this period, and against a temporarily outnumbered Kurukuru side, Daniel Fornito added an eighth.

Credit: Damien Briggs


Five-goal hero Shervin Adeli was thrilled with the performance, expressing that scoring goals for his country is something that will always hold meaning.

“The hunger to score and that feeling of the ball hitting the back of the net, I don’t really know how to describe it, but it definitely never gets old."

The PacificAus Sports Futsal Series was about building towards the AFC Futsal Asian Cup, but also was about building off-field ties between two countries united by futsal.

“We were lucky enough to have a few training sessions and obviously three games,” Adeli continued. “You can clearly see that we’re improving, and we’re learning how to play with each other, learning what the coach wants from us, and hopefully gain some momentum leading into our upcoming [AFC Futsal] Asian Cup campaign.”

“Going to Gilbert Camp, going to the futsal clinic, we realise that there’s more to futsal. We have been so grateful and fortunate to be a part of those two occasions and seeing the difference we make in these kids lives, and hopefully trying to help them, be some motivation for them, and give back to them… I think off the court has been priceless.

“The better Solomon Islands are, the better we are. This is a game that we’ve had for years, us against them. We can keep pushing them, they can keep pushing us, it’s a win-win for both countries.”

Credit: Damien Briggs


Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands Rod Hilton told Football Australia’s media team after the game that occasions such as this series, facilitated by PacificAus Sports and the Australian Government, are incredibly important.

“The Futsalroos have brought great energy and passion to everything they have been doing here in Solomon Islands,"

“Everywhere I was going people were talking about the Futsalroos, everyone was so impressed to meet them, to see the wonderful competition we’ve had, to see the great community work they’ve done out there [as] outreach. It’s brought a level of energy and passion here in Solomon Islands.”

“It’s also about connections. Earlier on we’ve had the Solomon Islands team travel down to Australia, and the Australian team travel up here. It’s those connections that form lifelong friendships and lifelong relationships, both among the players, but also with the community.

“There is nothing that is more important in any relationship than those people-to-people linkages, and those relationships developing.”

The PacificAus Sports Program is an initiative of the Australian Government that creates new opportunities for Pacific and Australian athletes to play, grow and train together, and bring our countries closer together through sport.


Match One 
Date: Wednesday, 21 February 2024
Venue: Friendship Hall, Honiara 
Match: Solomon Islands 1:2 Futsalroos

Match Two 
Date: Friday, 23 February 2024 
Venue: Friendship Hall, Honiara 
Match: Solomon Islands 2:6 Futsalroos

Match Three 
Date: Sunday, 25 February 2024 
Venue: Friendship Hall, Honiara 
Match: Solomon Islands 2:8 Futsalroos