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WATCH: Ambassadors introduce Australian football's partnership with Australian Red Cross

With approximately 1.96 million participants, football is Australia's largest club based participation sport.  

The football community is a diverse one and has a long history of coming together to support the most vulnerable in our communities.  

The FFA is providing participants with a link to the Australian Red Cross so that if they are in a position to do so, they are able to contribute to supporting vulnerable Australians under the guidance of an expert partner.  

This currently includes: 

  • Daily phone calls to more than 5,000 Queenslanders in self-isolation, on behalf of the Queensland Department of Health  
  • Delivering emergency food and essentials packages to Victorians who have little to no food, in partnership with the Victorian Government, Foodback, Select’d, the Salvation Army and other organisations  
  • Working with other state and territory governments to ramp up wellbeing phone calls and other support to people who are left especially vulnerable 
  • Using skype and video chat to maintain the connection between our elderly clients and the volunteers who can no longer visit them in person.

If you’re looking to help, sign up and tackle COVID-19 together