Principle VI - Survey

The sixth survey based on creating ‘world class environments for coach development’ is now live. 

The focus of Principle VI is to create a strong culture around coach development by emphasising the importance of the role as a skilled position and a vital link in player development. 

Arnie q VI
Leah VI survey

High quality coaches are essential to the youth development process and it is imperative that opportunities for growth and development for coaches continue to be provided.

Australian football continues to see a healthy and steady increase each year in numbers of participants attending courses, with over 1,500 participants attending Advanced Coaching courses in 2018/19 organised by FFA and Member Federations. 

To continue this positive rate of growth, FFA has an opportunity consider its ongoing resources and capability to service the needs of an every-growing game, particularly as Australian football continues to adjust to the impacts of COVID-19.

It must also take the opportunity to consider factors such as geography, access to information about courses, the cost of coaching and the course structure which remain currently ongoing challenges to increasing the number of skilled coaches in Australia.