Principle XI - Survey

The eleventh survey based on transforming 'our national teams into uniquely iconic brands'  is now live. 

The focus of Principle XI is to position the Matildas and the Socceroos as the unifying symbols of the game and heroes who epitomise the Australian football identity to inspire every young Australian regardless of their ability or cultural background.

Jackson quote XI

To turn our National Teams into genuinely iconic brands, we must continue to ensure they are not only participating in, but are also successful, in the biggest competitions.

Once such example for the Matildas would be the proposed FIFA Women’s Nation League – a global competition for Women’s National Teams; or the Copa America in South America for the Socceroos.

Our National Teams, however, must be supported by the success of our Junior National teams.  It is imperative that Australia does not lose ground to its Asian and European counterparts and programs do not go dormant because of a lack of success and subsequent funding.