Seven Consulting

Seven Consulting is a Sydney and Melbourne-based company that provides transformational delivery services to many of Australia’s largest businesses. Our clients primarily engage us to take responsibility for program delivery and/or program office management. We also provide related services such as external program reviews or delivery capability uplift.

Seven Consulting are passionate and committed in our support of the Commonwealth Bank Matildas. We find their continued personal efforts to perform at a world-class level to be inspiring both for us and a new generation of footballers. We were moved into action upon reading an article about the disparity in sports sponsorship between men and women competitions and so we embarked on this mission to find out how we could do more to close the gap.

Seven Consulting - Matildas

“We are proud to continue our association with the Commonwealth Bank Matildas and Australian football. Since we got involved in 2017, we have been very fortunate to see the growth of women’s football worldwide, but especially in Australia with the golden generation of Matildas.”

“Most of all, everyone connected with Seven Consulting are fans of this team. We will continue to turn out in our hundreds to support the Commonwealth Bank Matildas when they play in Australia and will be glued to our TV sets when they are representing the nation abroad.”– Declan Boylan, Seven Consulting Founder.

Aside from being a proud sponsor of the Commonwealth Bank Matildas, Seven Consulting is also providing paid internships for a number of the team (Tameka Yallop, and Elise Kellond-Knight,) to support their post sporting careers.

Seven Consulting has been successfully delivering transformations since 2002 and as a result has gone from strength to strength. Our approach is simple but effective and it is to work hand in hand with our clients in creating an optimised approach to delivering transformation, aided by a healthy dose of common sense.

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